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Future Space

Welcome to Future Space in Linköping, a conference where various aspects of current and future space activities will be illuminated. Through the collaborative efforts of Maxar, Beyond Gravity, and Saab, the conference offers presentations and exhibitions covering commercial, institutional, and defense-related operations. Join us in Linköping for an enlightening journey into the realm of space exploration and innovation!

Welcome to the Future Space 2024.
Linköping Konsert & Kongress, Sweden
September 16-17 2024


Marcus Wandt

ESA Astronaut
and Chief Test Pilot at Saab

Christer Fuglesang

Director KTH Space Center,
Former ESA Astronaut

Abhay Devasthale

Research leader, SMHI

Yonghao Xu

ELLIIT Assistant Professor at
the Computer Vision Laboratory (CVL),
Linköping University, Sweden

Martijn van Delden

Head of Business Strategy 
– Europe Consumer for Project Kuiper

Lieutenant colonel
Johan Nyström

Chief Space Plans and Capability Development, and Swedish Army Space Coordinator

Julia Weis

European Space Agency

Kristine Dannenberg

Head of Space Exploration and Access to Space at the Swedish National Space Agency (SNSA)

Lars Karlsson

Researcher in environmental physiology
at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden

Armelle Frenea-Schmidt

Science Business Development team at SSC

Albert Jonsson

Former student at Linköping University
(trainee at Capgemini Engineering from Sept 2024)

Michail Magkos

Researcher specializing in Space Architecture and Ergonomics at KTH

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